The Secret of Agerasia

A leading brand in skincare by herbal science and technology

Brand Story

ANNABELLE Show Respect To Anna Leonowens

British Anna was hired as private teacher for royal Thai families in 1960s and her student was the famous King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). Anna brought advanced culture and open mind to the then closed and primitive Thailand, influencing her student in completing the most well-known revolution aiming at self-independence and innovation for wealth in Thai history. Under the effect of westernized study from Anna, the royal guards college set up by Rama V was the later notable Chulalongkorn University. 

Anna has been teaching for over three years for royal Thailand and was closely associated with royal nobles. She recorded significant information on the social, cultural, life, health maintenance and other aspects in mysterious Orient. In 1870 she published autobiography Private Teacher for Siam Royals which was spread very quickly in Europe and America. In 1944 it was adapted into the bestseller Anna and Siam King, which was blueprint for movie The King and I and Anna and the King.

ANNABELLA, a leading Thai brand for skin-care by herbal science and technology is dedicated to be an epoch-making and borderless rising star in Thai makeup and opens a new scientific phase for green Thai makeup. Based on famous Thai herbal skin protection, ANNABELLA selects advanced scientific skin-care ingredients in Europe and America and creates an epoch-making and borderless skin-care gala with perfect combination of essence in the East and West. 

Brand History

VERYMWL (Thailand), the founder of ANNABELLA, was established in 2010 ( as in 2553 of Thai calendar). Being one of the forefront Thai online-store, VERYMWL has gradually being developed from a small skincare R&D company to the well-known benchmarking company in the country over the past five years.

In 2014, the Government of China initiated the close economic partnership with ASEAN countries and consequently eliminated the import and export tariff on cosmetics. Since then, Sino-Thai trade and cooperation have been developed rapidly.

At the end of 2014, propelled by the trans-regional initiative, together with its strong desire to step into the China market, VERYMWL has founded ANNABELLA.

With the technological expertise on skincare as well as the combination of the lastest but yet safest ingredients from across the world and the ancient herbal elements from Thailand, it is undoubted that the ranges of ANNABELLA products have exclusively been formulated to deliver multiple skin improving benefits to meet the desires of both Chinese and Thai people.

This means ANNABELLA, the leading brand in herbal innovative skincare, is able to provide the most fundamental skin nourishing and suitable for daily use. At the same time, the brand is also highlighting on smin damage and sensitive problems. The core capability is therefore not only to repair or soothing but also to strengthen and enhance self-healing and anti-aging function of the skin.

ANNABELLA is focused on skin damage and sensitive problems and its core capability is skin repair and also with moisturizing and hydration, soothing and anti-sensitivity function.

ANNABELLA with excellent quality can enhance self-healing and anti-aging function of the skin and soothe the skin in a deep level back to its healthy state.

ANNABELLA, a leading brand in herbal scientific skin-care, can provide most fundamental skin preservation and caring and is most suitable for daily regular use.